SMT ZIF connector with folding lock in rear

ZIF connectors (Zero Insertion Force) are able to be used everywhere, where connecting without tools and high retaining forces are required in limited spaces.

W+P offers zero force connectors with its 5566 and 5577 series. Their low pitch of 0.5 and 1.0mm and the low design height of 2.0mm are notable.  These connectors also feature a locking option in the rear area. A special folding mechanism, which is similar to a piano cover, simplifies handling and saves space part on the PCB, in contrast to a front locking mechanism.  This ensures a stable and durable connection, which is still able to be released.

As a complement to this, W+P offers a corresponding flexible cable in its 599 series. These are available featuring pitches of 0.5mm to 2.54mm, and variable cable lengths, connection types, types, and customer-specific designs complete the portfolio. Naturally, these are also suitable for contacting flexible PCBs.

SMT ZIF connectors are equipped with double-sided contacting as a horizontal version, which increases their flexibility when used on PCBs. Available featuring 4 to 40 or 6 to 60 contacts, they are designed for currents up to 0.5 A per contact.

The contact material consists of a gold plated copper alloy with nickel barrier layer. Halogen-free, high-temperature resistant plastic is deliverable as an insulating material according to UL94 V-0. The operating temperature ranges from -25 to +125°C, both series are distributed in tape & reel packages suitable for automated assembly.

Zero force connectors are applied everywhere, where flexible connections in confined spaces are required. Industrial computers, audio and telecommunications devices, data drives, scanners, printers, LCD displays and more.

All additional information can be found in the data sheets at, and samples are obtainable free of charge. Customer-specific designs are available upon request. (un)