W+P Terminal Blocks for LED Lighting

LED Terminal Blocks

Getting operating voltage safely to the PCB in different Pitches

W+P Single Row 4.19mm Pitch Pin and Female Headers

Power Pin and Female Headers

Getting Operating Voltage Safely on the PCB

USB-Connector Type 3.1 C

USB 3.1 Typ C

Now Available as a Vertical Version! A connector that is already now equipped for the developments of the next USB generation.

2,54mm Pitch Precision Female Headers

Precise Contacting

Precision Female Headers for High-End Applications in the Board-to-Board Area

Pin header with electro-strictioned pin tips

Electro-Strictioned Pins

High-Quality Connectors For Frequent Plugging With High Contact Security

Variants of PressFit Terminals for Pin and Female Headers 2,54mm Pitch


Connecting Shock-Proof and Vibration-Proof in Small Pitches.