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Compatible Female Headers:
153 154 340 348 624 etc.
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149 / 150 / 151

Dual Body Pin Headers, 2.54mm Pitch, 1/2/3 Rows

Insulator Thermoplastic, rated UL94 V-0
Contact Material 0.635mm square pin, copper alloy
Contact Surface Acc. to options (see below), over Ni (1.3 ... 2.5µm)
Solderability IEC 60512-12A
Contact Resistance < 20mΩ
Insulation Resistance > 1000MΩ
Test Voltage 1kVDC
Voltage Rating 250VAC
Current Rating 3A
Temperature Range -55°C ... +125°C
Processing Wave or reflow soldering

PCB Layouts und Detailzeichungen s. tech. Informationen / Seite A12
Please note tech. information / page A12 for PCB layouts and detailed drawings.

150 19 010 00

Thermisch gerissene Kontakte Electro-strictioned contacts

149 Single row

150 Double row

151 Triple row

16 A=17,70 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=8,70mm

17 A=19,80 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=10,80mm

18 A=21,60 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=12,60mm

19 A=22,80 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=13,80mm

20 A=24,90 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=15,90mm

21 A=26,70 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=17,70mm

22 A=29,00 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=20,00mm

23 A=30,80 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=21,80mm

24 A=37,80 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=28,80mm

25 A=40,80 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=31,80mm

26 A=45,30 B=5,70 C=3,30 D=36,30mm

001-050 Single row

004-100 Double row

006-120 Triple row

00 Gold plated

10 0.25µm gold plated

30 0.75µm gold plated

50 Tin plated

More plating options on request.

B, C, D nach Kundenwunsch variierbar. Wir fertigen die Stiftleisten in jeder gewünschten Polzahl. Raster 5,08mm, 7,62mm, etc. oder Sonderraster sowie weitere Stiftlängen und Abmessungen auf Anfrage.

B, C, D variable acc. to customers' specifications. We will manufacture the pin headers in every desired number of contacts. 5.08mm, 7.62mm, etc. and varying pitches as well as more dimensions on request.

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