Long profile female headers – bridging different heights

626 long profile female headers in 2,45mm pitch solder-in version

Printed circuit boards are stacked to keep the overall design in electronics applications as compact as possible. Connectors also help to save space: An additional component is superfluous by using long profile female headers. They also protect the contacts from being touched, bridge different heights and provide additional space between the boards. W+P`s series 626 offers five different types with […]

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Delivery information

The poor availability of raw materials around the world poses a major challenge for the entire industry. The tense situation in the procurement of raw material has become more critical and particularly in the case of engineering plastics, massive interruptions in the supply chain can occur. Some manufacturers and suppliers have already declared the “Force Majeure”. For this reason we […]

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Rj45 network cable connections in many variants

660 network cable with 8 pin RJ45 connectors on both sides

Attributes such as stable, failure-free, secure, fast and low-loss optimally describe the advantages of wired network connections. They are indispensable in buildings, in private surroundings or in office environments. With the Series 660, W+P is expanding its range of pre-assembled network cables with an extensive selection of models and lengths, in various colors upon request. This means, that long transmission […]

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Low SMT female headers in a small pitch

6067 SMT female headers pitch1.27mm heights 3.60 and 4.50mm

Connecting printed circuit boards in limited space is a challenge in electronic applications. This requires connectors in small pitches and low heights. The new SMT female header series 6067 has exactly these characteristics. Additionally it is pluggable from above, with a 1.27mm pitch. The two selectable heights are specified as 3.60mm and 4.50mm. Plug-in Safety The double row, vertically oriented […]

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Readers’ choice ‘Products of the year 2021’ – W+P is nominated!

Board-to-Board connectors nominated for product of the year 2021. Our compact SMT board-to-board connectors have been nominated as product of the year by the trade magazine ‘Elektronik’ (Weka-Fachmedien). Readers of the magazine can use their expertise to decide which product they prefer. W+P`s series 9025/9026 participate in the category electromechanics/passive components. Please support us in the election of the product […]

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Compact D-Sub Connectors in IDC-Technology

114-6 Compact D-Sub Connectors in IDC-Technology

The D-Sub connectors (long form D-Subminiature) are named after their design, which which is reminiscent of the letter ‘D’. The multipole connectors were originally developed in 1952 for data transmission. Rugged interface As interface components, D-Sub connectors ensure smooth data transmission in industrial applications. They are easy to use, reliable and robust. Compact D-Sub Connector Thus, the series 114-6 completes […]

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