Sturdy and Powerful – Power Pin Headers and Female Headers from W+P

W+P presents a new system of sturdy power pin headers and female headers which enables you to handle the operating voltage on the printed circuit board safely. Equipped with individually coated power contacts for usage in board-to-board connecting, the new series 458 and 459 support current ratings of up to 9.0A per contact. The contacts in pitch 4.19mm also have […]

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USB 3.1 Type C – already euipped for the next USB-generation

In November 2014, as one of the first providers worldwide W+P placed the new USB 3.1 Type C connector in a horizontal version on the market. Today, W+P is even extending this series with a vertical version and thus broadens the designs of printed circuit boards with numerous options for the most current USB 3.1 Super Speed Plus Standard. The […]

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Frequent Plugging With High Contact Security – High-Quality Connectors in the B-t-B Area

W+P presents a comprehensive range of pin headers for high-quality connecting in the board-to-board area. The pin headers are designed with electro-strictioned contacts whose surface design and contact type ensure frequent plugging and safe contacting. The special feature of the high-quality pin contacts becomes clear at a closer look. The unaided eye can recognise the convex design of the tip […]

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