Combined power/signal mix series

Connectors in mixed technology offer an enormous advantage: They transmit power and control signals together in only one connector. Therefore, the result is space-saving and simultaneously efficient components. W+P has a comprehensive program of mixed technology series, focused on board-to-board connectors, which includes pin headers and female headers for the PCB.

The series 987/9870 and 397/3970 cover the range of pin headers and female headers. They combine the advantages of the lower-priced PCB connectors with the ability to ensure high ampacity of up to 8.2 A through a special contact geometry. The series is available in the pitch 5.08/2.54mm as THT and SMT versions, in different combination options of 2 up to 4 power contacts and 4 up to 48 signal contacts.

The power/signal connector series 454 to 457 is offered in combined spacing of 5.00/2.00mm, designed for currents up to 24.7 A per power contact. In addition to the small space requirement, the special housing geometry ensures an optimal ventilation and therefore serves for cooling the entire connector system.

Deliverable here are also various numbers of contacts and combination options of 1 to 2 power contacts as well as 16/24/80 signal contacts, available as a THT version in a vertical and a right-angled design. A copper alloy with a gold plated surface via a nickel barrier layer is obtainable as the contact material for all mixed series. The insulators consist of thermoplastic resin according to UL94V-0.

Its use is attractive in, for example, the areas of industrial electronics, mechanical and plant engineering as well as in industrial measurement and control systems.

All additional information can be found in the data sheets, which will be provided on Desired samples are free of charge; customer-specific designs are available upon request. (un)