Customized Cable Assemblies – W+P offers everything from a single source

When it comes to high quality, reliable and quickly realised cable assemblies, W+P supports you as a certified full-range supplier with a broad spectrum of diverse technology. Alongside dependable standard cable assembly, W+P clearly demonstrates expertise in the field of tailored solutions. The corresponding photo shows a USB Type C cable assembly crossing all USB types.

Such solutions encompass UL-certified stranded wires and cables, flex flat cables and flat cables. The cable types can be individually assembled with a wide range of connection technologies, including crimp, IDC or solder connections. A combination of different connector families on one cable is also possible.

Pre-assembled solutions, such as USB, RJ45 or D-Sub, are available in diverse lengths, pitches, numbers of contacts, orientations, etc.

During the development process, W+P considers itself a professional partner who stands at your side throughout the entire project process to provide qualified advice and support. Fulfilling all customer requirements is particularly important here, although we always keep an eye on the technological and economic feasibility.

In addition to a competent consultation including requirements analysis, the development of a custom-fit solution tailored to the respective application also plays a major role. This is accompanied by drawings and prototypes, right through to the final testing and delivery of the product, ready for series production.

Our objective is to consistently excel with the best possible value for money at a high technical level. We believe that quality is the most convincing argument.