Information to the status of shipments from China

Status as of 27 April 2020

In the first few months of this year we experienced a very difficult delivery situation in Asia due the Covid-19 infections and the shutdown in China. The crisis situation has reached us in Europe and has a considerable impact on the availability of materials and the maintenance of the supply chains.

To protect our employees at W+P, we have taken appropriate measures and are trying to ensure business operations without noticeable effects.

Certainly, we can’t prevent the influence on delivery times to 100%. This applies already confirmed delivery dates and delivery times for new enquiries of call off orders. The highest priority is currently given to system-relevant articles, which are being processed at full speed.

Considering the situation described above, we have a delivery time of 16-18 weeks for pin and female headers.

This situation is not easy for anyone and we would like to thank you for your support and understanding.



Status as of 04 March 2020

All of our business partners have already been started production. The complete backlog will be reduced as soon as possible.


Status as of 25 February 2020

Good news from China

Nearly all of our business partners got the necessary authorization to start manufacturing yet. We plan to restart the production in this week.


Status as of 17 February 2020

The current situation: A few business partners in the supply chain are still waiting for the necessary authorizations, to start manufacturing. We therefore expect a production start not before beginning of March. We kindly ask for your understanding and will keep you informed about changes immediately.


Status as of 11 February 2020

As already announced earlier, we are in close contact with our business partners in China, to keep you informed about limitations on the manufacturing or delivery side. Due to the current situation, the originally planned production start in our manufacturing facility after Chinese New Year didn`t take place yesterday, because the local government has to give authorisation first. This permission is not given yet. Furthermore, travel restrictions exist for large areas of China. As a result, also the deliveries scheduled this week will be postponed until further notice. Unfortunately, we have to expect additional delays in the supply chain. You will be informed about changes immediately.


Status as of 29 January 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, erupted in China, the Chinese New Year has been extended.

Possible resulting effects on production and logistics are not foreseeable yet. We maintain close contact with our business partners in China, to inform you about potential restriction on the manufacturing or delivery side.

Our thoughts are with all persons concerned, which have to struggle or suffer from the Coronavirus. We keep you informed as soon as they are any new findings.