Low SMT female headers in a small pitch

6067 SMT female headers pitch1.27mm heights 3.60 and 4.50mm

Connecting printed circuit boards in limited space is a challenge in electronic applications. This requires connectors in small pitches and low heights.

The new SMT female header series 6067 has exactly these characteristics. Additionally it is pluggable from above, with a 1.27mm pitch. The two selectable heights are specified as 3.60mm and 4.50mm.

Plug-in Safety

The double row, vertically oriented connectors offer an enormous range of 06 to 100 contacts. The contact surface is gold-plated, the contact resistance is less than 20 mW, with a current rating of 1 A.

Alternatively available locating pegs facilitate alignment to a defined position on the PCB. To prevent incorrect mating, optional coding lugs provide reverse polarity protection.

Compatible box headers complete the components: The SMT series 6110 and 6111 are also available as vertical versions. All other pin headers with 1.27mm pitch are likewise compatible.

Automated process

Packaging can be offered in tubes and on reels (Tape&Reel), which ensure an automated reflow process. A reliable function is guaranteed in a temperature range from -40°C to +105°C.

Interesting is the use, wherever a compact design is required: For example in industrial electronics, in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in industrial measurement and control systems.

Data sheets can be downloaded here and samples ordered. (un)