W+P’s 25th anniversary catalogues

The PCB connector specialists, who started in 1994 with a 21 m2  office, can look back on 25 successful years. During this time, W+P has developed into an internationally active company through entrepreneurial skill, innovation and passion.

Two new catalogues were published to mark the anniversary. While the short form version shows all catalogue products with a photo and a brief description, the complete catalogue of 540 pages takes on the function of a comprehensive reference work. Each of the 483 series is shown here with detailed technical information, photo, drawing and PCB layout. A clear selection code plus the indication of the matching mating connectors facilitate the ordering process.

The catalogue range has grown with the series around SMT pin headers, power connectors and in the W-t-B (Wire-to-Board) domain. This was complemented by direct contacts in friction lock technology: The new board-in variants are reliable and easy to handle, as they are soldered directly onto the printed circuit board. A crimp single contact series completes the board-in product range. Typical areas of application for board-in solutions are in LED lighting or power supply applications.

The catalogues can be requested as print version free of charge.