Connect LED PCBs in flexible lengths and angles

Insert cable, press down and the connection is ready! The new 5261 series SMT-IDC connector from W+P makes the current supply to LED PCBs ultra-simple and flexible. And it is cost-effective.

The combination of the SMT-IDC with 4 mm pitch is exceptional and absolutely ingenious for use in the LED sector: cables can simply be plugged in without stripping and, using insulation displacement contact technology, a gas-tight connection is formed, which can even be cast if necessary. The relatively large 4 mm pitch allows current of up to 9 A to be transported and therefore provides the current supply to the PCB. The compatibility for the SMT soldering process saves the costs of an individual assembly and soldering process.

And particularly exciting: the new W+P connector is ideally suited for connecting LED PCBs in flexible lengths and angles. This is very interesting in applications where it is not possible to determine the exact length required in advance.

The new 1, 2 and 3-pole connectors are available in two different versions: as a through-type and end-type. The contact material consists of a tin-plated copper alloy; the insulator is made of high-temperature resistant plastic according to UL94 V-0. Both strands and solid wires with conductor cross-sections of 0.75 – 1,0 mm2 (AWG 20-18) can be used as cables.

The new connectors are designed for a dielectric strength of 1kVAC and a current rating of 9 A. A safe function is guaranteed in a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Data sheets and representative samples are available free of charge. (br)