Frequent Plugging With High Contact Security – High-Quality Connectors in the B-t-B Area

W+P presents a comprehensive range of pin headers for high-quality connecting in the board-to-board area. The pin headers are designed with electro-strictioned contacts whose surface design and contact type ensure frequent plugging and safe contacting.

The special feature of the high-quality pin contacts becomes clear at a closer look. The unaided eye can recognise the convex design of the tip with its seamless tapering. This elegant contact design ensures that the contacts of the corresponding female header are expanded evenly and the pins can be inserted softly and without edges during contacting. From this results a considerably lower insertion force than from using stamped contacts and the material abrasion from insertion is very low. Furthermore, the smooth surface guarantees a large contact area and consequently safe contacting.

This is especially interesting for every usage that requires high numbers of mating cycles while also asking for a high contact security. For instance in high-quality industrial control systems, demanding electrical assemblies in medical technology, in automation engineering and in the field of automotive.

The B-t-B range of pin headers with electro-strictioned contacts from W+P offers single row, double row and triple row pin headers in pitch 2.54mm. The series are available in the number of contacts 1 up to 120 with a maximum pin length of 100mm. The contact material consists of a copper alloy with different options for the surface (tin plated, gold plated, selectively gold-plated) on a nickel barrier layer. The contact resistance is less than 20mW, the current load capacity 3 A. Safe functioning is guaranteed in a temperature range from -55°C up to +125°C.

Data sheets and samples are available for free. (br)