Long profile female headers – bridging different heights

626 long profile female headers in 2,45mm pitch solder-in version

Printed circuit boards are stacked to keep the overall design in electronics applications as compact as possible.

Connectors also help to save space: An additional component is superfluous by using long profile female headers. They also protect the contacts from being touched, bridge different heights and provide additional space between the boards.

W+P`s series 626 offers five different types with component heights from 11 to 21mm. The female headers are available in 2.54mm pitch as solder-in version.

02 up to 80 contacts possible
In single row they are equipped with 02 to 40 pins and in double row with 04 to 80 contacts. Copper alloy is provided as the contacting material, the contact surface is gold-plated over a nickel barrier layer. They are designed for a current rating of 3 A.

The insulating body is made of thermoplastic material according to UL94 V-0. A safe function is given in a temperature range from -40° to +105°C.

Their application in the industrial sector is interesting wherever boards have to be stacked and even different heights need to be bridged.

Data sheets can be downloaded here and samples are available on request.