Crimp connections for the AWG range 32-28

Barrels are crimped onto electrical cables, mainly stranded wires and cable harnesses. In the process, the cable or wire is pressed into the barrel.

A sector, in which this technique is the preferred one, is the automotive industry. The special tools are comparatively expensive, but the process can be easily automated.

What is decisive, in the crimping process, is sufficient deformation for the connection without compressing or damaging the material. The quality can often be assessed opti-cally. The pressure exerted must remain constant so that all processed connections have the same electrical resistance.

The smaller the basic grid of the connectors, the larger the AWG number. However, the smaller the Applicable Wire Gauge, the thicker the cable and the higher the current carry-ing capacity.

The crimp friction-lock pin headers and female headers of the 5635 series (basic grid 1.25mm) and the 569 series (basic grid 1.50mm) have an AWG range of 32-28. Both se-ries contain housings and female headers with tin plated contacts. The insulators are made of thermoplastic in accordance with UL904 V-0, the current rating is 1 A, and the temperature range is stated from -25° bis +85°.

The 569 series is straight and single row and is processed with the THR-soldering. The 5635 series is available as vertical and horizontal SMT variant and is supplied in tape & reel, in the standing version with pick & place pads.


Samples are available free of charge upon request.