Waterproof wire-to-wire connector systems

They are space-saving, waterproof and meet protection class IP67 – the new wire-to-wire connector systems from W+P: The series W521 consists of female, male housings and crimp contacts with a basic grid of 2.0mm.

As a cable assembly, series WA521 complements the waterproof program, according to the IEC60529 standard.

A silicone ring handles the standard-compliant task and safely protects against dust and splash water. A maximum of eight contacts of the single and double row connectors are possible, they are made of a tin-plated copper alloy. With an outer diameter of 1.4 to 1.7mm the wire cross-section range will be AWG 26-22, the current rating amounts to up to 4 A (for AWG 22).

Secure connection due to latching function
The housings withstand thermal stress, thanks to high-temperature-resistant material (UL 94 V-0). The temperature range extends from -55 °C to +85 °C. The snap-in function on the housing ensures a convenient, waterproof and secure connection which can be released at any time.

In the ready-to-use cable assembly (WA521 series) the strand color is black, others are available on request. The data sheet explains the different cable types with connection alternatives in detail. Lengths vary from 0.5 to 2.0m, others are also feasible on demand.

The wire-to-wire connectors are used in rough conditions with high humidity, for example outdoors (lighting) or in pedelecs.

Data sheets can be downloaded: www.wppro.com/series-w521 and www.wppro.com/series-wa521. Samples of the series are obtainable free of charge on request.