Precision Female Headers, 2.00mm Pitch, Straight/Right-Angled, Single/Double Row

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Technical Data

Insulator Thermoplastic, rated UL94 V-0
Contact Material Sleeve: screw machined brass
Clip: 4-Finger-Clip, Beryllium-Copper
Contact Surface Acc. to options (see below), over Ni (1.3 ... 2.5µm)
Contact Resistance < 10 mΩ
Insulation Resistance > 1000 MΩ
Test Voltage 1 kV RMS
Voltage Rating 100 V RMS / 150 V DC
Current Rating 3 A
Temperature Range -55 °C ... +125 °C
Processing Wave or reflow soldering


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Select the desired configuration:

Please select 1 option
Please select 1 option
01-50 Single row
02-100 Double row
Please select 1 option
1 Single row, straight
2 Double row, straight
3 Single row, right-angled
4 Double row, right-angled
Sleeve Plating
Please select 1 option
50 Tin plated sleeve
Clip Plating
Please select 1 option
00 Gold plated clip
10 0.25µm gold plated clip (Option)
30 0.75µm gold plated clip
50 Tin plated
Clip (Optional)
Please select 1 option
6 6 Finger Clip
for square pin 0.5mm
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Technical Information