Pin Headers, 2.54mm Pitch, Straight, Single/Double Row – 0.5mm Round Contacts

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Technical Data

Insulator Thermoplastic, rated UL94 V-0
Contact Material Ø0.50mm round pin, copper alloy
Contact Surface Acc. to options (see below), over Ni
Contact Resistance < 20 mΩ
Insulation Resistance > 1000 MΩ
Test Voltage 500 V AC
Voltage Rating 250 V AC
Current Rating 1 A
Temperature Range -40 °C ... +125 °C
Processing Wave or reflow soldering


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08 A=6,50 B=2,30 C=2,50mm
09 A=8,40 B=3,40 C=3,30mm
12 A=11,30 B=6,30 C=3,30mm
13 A=12,60 B=7,60 C=3,30mm
15 A=14,70 B=9,70 C=3,30mm
A/B/C Total length & Dimensions
002-040 Single row
004-080 Double row
1 Single row
2 Double row
00 Gold plated
50 Tin plated
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Wir fertigen die Stiftleisten in jeder gewünschten Polzahl. Raster 5,08mm, 7,62mm, etc. und Sonderraster sowie weitere Abmessungen auf Anfrage.
We will manufacture the pin headers in every desired number of contacts. 5,08mm, 7,62mm, etc. and more pitches as well as more dimensions on request.
Maximale Stiftlänge: 17mm
Maximum Pin Length: 17mm

Technical Information