Au chem. symbol of gold.

AWG American Wire Gauge, code number of wire and stranded wire diameters.

Board Lock metal or plastic clip at the connector that snaps into a designated hole on the PCB board, prefixating the connector.

Board Locks

Cu chem. symbol of copper, a material for contacts and contact alloys.

CuSn, chem. formula of bronze, a copper-tin alloy used for contacts.

CuZn, chem. formula of brass, a copper-zinc alloy used for contacts.

Duplex Plating, sel. Au/Sn selective plating of a contact with gold in the mating area (sometimes manufactured as spot plating) and tin in the solder area.

Ni chem. symbol of nickel.

PCB Layout Printed Circuit Board Layout Depiction of the holes and solder pads of the printed circuit board needed for assembly of a connector. The catalogue consistently shows PCB layouts from the assembly side.

Loc. Peg, Locating Peg molded component part or pin at the connector body; it supports the positioning of the component on the PCB board; designated holes on the board are needed. Locating pegs provide only limited centering support.

PP-Pad, Pick-and-Place Pad accessory for automated assembly; a piece of plastic, formed metal or heat resistant, self-adhesive foil; to be removed after soldering; no need for pick&place pads on connectors with adequate surfaces.

Locating Pegs

Pick&Place Pads

Sn chem. symbol of tin.

THR Through Hole Reflow Technology to enable components for through-hole-technology to be used in the reflow process. THR connectors are suited for automatic assembly and can endure an enhanced thermal load in processing.

T&R, Tape-and-Reel Packaging packing style for automated assembly; the connectors are placed in formed pockets of plastic tape sealed with foil; the loaded tape is winded on a reel; the number of parts per reel depends on the connector size. With large parts, long pin lengthes or high number of contacts, our sales team gladly advises you.

Tape&Reel Packagings